Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I are 'shamed.

Tomorrow I attempt acquiring food stamps. I work for county gov't. I asked boss who hates me if I expand my availability, I could get more hours. BTHM said no. I cannot live on $100 biweekly. Not in Suburb Of DC. Cannot. Been applying to jobs every where. Got rejected. I could fool myself when it were $150 a paycheck. Human makes enough to support us both but I are not comfortable asking he for pocket money.

I are so shamed. Mebbe if I were better I would be part time. If no food stamps I will get on knees to Boss That Hates Me. I needs food stamps. I 28, no degree, no licence, no car,and been fired (not from current job), and has $2 until next measly paycheck.


I are so shamed. I am fucking useless. Worthless. And worse, useless. So I'll just drink myself to sleep now. Gnight, wonderful humans who are obviously more together than me. I love you and see you in the morning.

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