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I arm-knitted!

And it only took an hour (as promised) from casting on to casting off.

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It's a bit messy and I'd like it to be bigger so I can actually get properly wrapped up in it - so I'm tempted to buy some more of the wool, take it apart, and re-do it to make it larger and neater. But as it only took an hour, I wouldn't mind taking it down and remaking it.

I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick (heh) in Oatmeal, and followed this pattern (such as it is): http://www.simplymaggie.com/how-to-arm-kni….


I did find that I had to pause and rewind the video a lot to get my head around some of the techniques at first, which frustrated me. I prefer pictures and written instructions to video tutorials, and the fact that almost every single site I went onto when I was looking for an explanation of casting on just sent me back to Maggie's videos was the cause of my just throwing everything on the floor in a strop a couple of times. But it's done! It's not perfect, but I did it in an hour so I can do it again in an hour.

Has anyone here tried arm-knitting? How did you get on with it?

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