and he said no. :(

It was the first time I've ever tried to initiate the beginning of a relationship (I'm 23 and I've literally never asked anyone out ever), because I really like this guy. I brought a box of wine over and he didn't even bother with a cup. He just opened the spout into his mouth, and that's a thing that I like.

On a more serious note, we've been seeing each other for over month now and we've been having some pretty amazing sexy times and cuddle sessions. He massages my legs and back when I get off from the club and kisses all the bruises. He doesn't care about I do and says he can tell I'm an honest and genuine person and he has no reason to worry about what I do. He always wants me to come over, so much to the point where I haven't slept in my own bed for 2 weeks now. We've both said we have the feels for each other, and I know a month seems pretty fast, but I figured what the hell? I'm not asking him to marry me, I'm just asking him to be my boyfriend.

He said no and he really won't give me an explanation as to why he said no. It's okay, I just think my pride is a little bruised.