Just had a dude flake on going out with me 'cause he'd been sold on this idea that I was very "low maintenance" and then something made him think "hmm, maybe she's a bit trickier" and *boom* well that's the end of that. Since in reality I'm a basically human level of maintenance and the question that I think set him off was about why he's working as a <skilled but low barrier to entry> job*, I'm slowly accepting that high maintenance is a euphemism for expecting the person you're dating to be halfway responsible and have decent manners.

Alas, I guess I require much more work than I thought I did. What are some of your favorite dating euphemisms?

* I have accepted that I can't date lost puppies. Like I don't have it together, but I'm working at it, and so I have no patience for the not even trying types.

ETA: I really like this take: Why the term high maintenance is a colossal load of bullshit