And my car is 95% still together!

I was the only one at the restaurant, and it was lovely. The decorating was more middle-American than Asian-food-themed, but it was cute. I gobbled up all the sushi, then moved on to pick up the 3 hole punch at Staples. I now have an entire bag of office supplies that I only sorta needed. Maybe, in the end, the shipping hassle is worth it. Shipping hassle vs. buying all of the things? Is there really a winner there?

Then on my drive home, in the dark, 7 miles from home (which, mind you, is darn close, considering how far I had to go today), I had too much speed going into a corner I've driven 1000 times, and spun right around. My trusty Volvo hit the guardrail on the driver's side with just enough force to come to a complete stop. I got out, walked around to the tail end, which seemed to hit hardest, and saw that everything was still pretty much perfect. Cracked brake light, but it's good. So I high-fived myself, danced around to the front of the car, got in, and drove away.


As I drove the last 7 miles, I noticed that my headlight wasn't really pointing center anymore. I'll have to have the guys at the shop check it out, when they're fixing the brake light.

I get home, take a peek...

It is so much worse than I thought, you guys.

Almost the entire driver's side light system? thingy? is gone. Stuff's cracked, shit's misaligned. This is going to be way expensive. I'll be telling the mechanics that I need this to last me until May, so fix it with that in mind.


Meanwhile, my parents, whom I live with, are sitting at home doing their best to hold back their "I told you so"s, even before I tell them about the damage. They think I'm nuts for going out in a storm. I think I'm a Northerner. Shit happens. It's my problem, but I know they're going to do their best to guilt me about it.

This is going to be awesome.


ETA: On the bright side, my copy of War and Peace is here! So I can get started on that! Since I won't be leaving my house for a while, now!!