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I ate the new First Kiss/Rave apple!

That is the First Kiss apple in the middle. To the left is a quarter for scale, and to the right is a normal pear. The log is our table centerpiece, we got it from a steakhouse.

The University of Minnesota is widely releasing their newest apple, and it is awesome.


For a long period of time, I was allergic to apples. I moved to Minnesota from Washington state as a kid, and for some reason, I developed a sensitivity to several fruits and vegetables for about 20 years. And yet regardless of that knowledge, every year I’d try just a leeetle bit of apple because I loved them so much. I simply could not give them up. Every year my experiment would fail, and I’d have to take some Benadryl to stop the horrible swelling and itching in my throat. Once I hit my 30s most of my food sensitivities just went away, and now I get way too excited about trying any and all new fruit.

First off, this thing is HUGE! I almost need two hands in order to hold a single apple. We went to the store to pick some up and some guy heard me loudly remarking on how gigantic they were and turned the corner and went, “Damn, those are huge!” It also made up most of the weight of our grocery basket, which included at least one canned item.

Second, the taste is everything you would want in an apple. It’s a Honeycrisp in texture, but with about 20% granny smith tartness. Sweet, tart, crunchy, no mealy texture at all even when it has been sitting out. It’s also a little bit dry, but not in an unpleasant way (eta: I described it to a friend as, “the sort of dryness you get when you’ve made it through the sour part of the Warhead and are tasting the sweet candy inside”). And it has been about half an hour since I sliced one up and put it in a bowl and there has been just the slightest bit of browning. There are barely any seeds, as you can see below. Just pure apple goodness.

That’s the same apple sliced and placed in one of our medium sized cereal bowls. It’s basically three average apples in one.

Overall, great apple. Maybe my new favorite apple? I don’t know if I’d spend the inflated cost on it again because it’s trendy, especially when the Honeycrisp is so abundant here. But once the price goes down I’d be thrilled to snack on both.

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