...at fantasy football this weekend!

We'll get the whole rundown tomorrow but right now it's 129 to 69 with one player left on either side. Yes, my husband picked half my team during the draft (round 7 on I get BORED and this time started playing with puppets), but I've made some changes since then and changed my amateur strategy from his "I don't know everything about football even though I will now demonstrate my explosive knowledge for the whole weekend" strategy.

See, last year was my first. And I picked Aaron Rodgers first round. While perhaps not a strategy for those in the know, I think this is a GREAT STRATEGY for beginners who don't know a lot about other players. I could bank some good numbers RELIABLY with Rodgers and take the rest of the season to get to know the other positions, players, and how Fantasy Football actually works. Even weeks where Rodgers SUCKED, I wouldn't get blown away by opponents.

Then there's this year where Husband convinced me to go for RB and WR for the first few rounds. I didn't SUCK with QB (Colin Kapernick) but he's turned out to be incredibly unreliable for points. If Husband was working my team (and trust me, he can work it, wink wink nudge nudge), he'd do good things with it. Me? I need a stronghold around some strength of knowledge.

So what do I do? I have GB receivers and SF defense. I picked up rookie Eddie Lacy during the draft (based on Husband's suggestion) and he's turned out great. Last week, I picked up Boykin, the kid who has been doing a great job since injuries have taken out everyone else. Solid decent numbers across the board (Helu Jr. from Washington Redskins didn't play AS GREAT but for a 6 point projection, 2.5 isn't too much of a disappointment).


Oh yeah. And I has Calvin Johnson (who I picked during draft based on my own knowledge) so YEAH!!! I OWNED IT THIS WEEK! (so I'm 2-6-0. Wah-wah)