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Welcome To The Bitchery

Last night under the Monday Mushy Music post I wrote that it seems Its All Coming Back To Me Now written by Jim Steinman was a followup to I Would Do Anything For Love also written by Steinman and both sung by Meatloaf. Yes Celine sang IACBTMN first but it clearly is better sung as a duet by Meatloaf and really seems written for him.

The song IACMTMN is about a couple who argue one leaves and gets killed in an accident. It lines up stylewise with IWDAFL but lyrics line up better with Paradise By The Dashboard Light which is ultimaly is about a couple who gets into a verbal fight although you know they still love each other. PBTDBL was also a Steinman written song sung by Meatloaf.


So I would now say IACBTMN is a followup to PBTDBL.

Here is on stage Patti Russo and Meatloaf singing I Would Do Anything For Love far better then the video.

The first video is from 2001 the second is from 1993. First video is Paradise By The Dashboard Light.

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