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I believe racism is my problem. My problem. I claim it. It is not my problem because I am guilty. It is my problem because I am responsible. I didn't create racism. It's not my fault. But if I do nothing, I become a part of it. And it is not something I want to be a part of. I can make that decision. You can make that decision. We can all make that decision.

I have this friend. I've known him half my life now and I've mentioned him here before. He's grown into the kind of man I wish more men would aspire to be. He is honestly kind, a listener, and he uses his broad friend platform and bizarre minor celebrity to speak out about social issues and boost the voices of experience.

He posted this today, it's short, but pointed. It may partly be the friendship, but I thought it was worth sharing. I wish so many of the loud, angry, white voices talking down to a rightfully upset Black community would take a fucking step back and listen for a change.


This is a public blog, but I did get permission to share it more broadly.

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