I made it through my 30 day hiatus, and with careful monitoring of my internet habits I think I will be OK! Can I get a fuck yeah?!

Here's what I've been dying to tell you all this past month:

1) I turned 25! I was really really freaking out about it, but it was a lovely birthday and so far this year has been much better than 24. 24 was a shitshow.

2) I should finally be getting my deposit back from my old apartment! I moved out in June, but my shady landlord and my ex friends/roommates told me I couldn't get the deposit until my roommates moved out. Then, of course, they extended their lease without telling me. But they're moving out at the end of the month so fingers crossed this is the end of that nightmare and I can rethink our relationship.

3) crushing on straight girls. Who are artists. Who are in love with someone else. Who is a scoundrel and a cad. Sigh....what else is new?

4) still no contact with Sokka....we are still supposed to be friends, but he didnt even wish me a happy birthday....I am majorly upset about this...


5) have been vacillating between various levels of suicidal. Trying to figure out how/if to tell my loved ones about this. My therapist knows, and we're working on it. You are all the first "civilians" I've told about this particular episode. So... congrats? Here's a present from my time away, don't you feel special?

6) Harlem building explosion was....a little close to home...I'm OK, but sad sad sad

7)I booked a commercial! It's for an all female taxi service! We just finished shooting Sunday and I'm exhausted but exhilarated.


So what happened to you guys while I was away?? Who wrote a game-changing think piece? Who is mad at whom? What's hot topics? SPILL DEETS!!!




p.s. WTF is this new kinja shit? I don't know anything about anything anymore...