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Welcome To The Bitchery

I blame the GTarchy

Work day over, lovely bike weather, surprise waiting at home.

Karasudono is home on lunch break, puttering around in the kitchen.

"Heya Dove:) Already have lunch?" As I'm getting out of uniform.

"Had some ganache" She is 100% #sorrynotsorry

"I worked through breakfast, and was gonna make summit," don't hate the grammar, it's how we talk :( "can I make you some also?"


"I should be back in a few minutes" as I scan the pantry. Nothing that can happen fast enough.

"Awww, nothing I can make here, and I'm too broke to buy" #daybeforepayday.

"I got paid today" BAM! there it is, not only am I not gonna be cooking, she also was doing some dishes. The whole day just swung farther towards Awesome. Settled on a stir fry place nearby, and called ahead.


"Be a good feminist, and get outta the kitchen and back to your career." I'm pushing my luck :) As official HausFrau, I try to avoid there being anything for her to clean.

"What, you want me go earn you a sandwich?" The whole day stops for the gales of laughter.

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