And I don’t know where too! :D

I’m going away for a weekend with one of my besties and we ordered a ‘surprise holiday’! A week before we go we’ll receive the weather report of the place we’re going, a code and the time we have to be at the airport. At said time you fill in the code and receive your airline tickets to your destination! I’M SO EXCITED!! I wish it was september already!

I haven’t been on vacation in around 2 years, when I took a 8 day trip to a greek island where the ex and I had a private tiny house on top of a mountain with a private pool and everything. Sounds like paradise? Sure it was. Very beautiful. Very relaxing. Also dull. So very dull. I guess in retrospect the spark was already dimming at the time.

So I’m planning a big solo vacay somewhere at the end of this/beginning of next year of 3 or 4 weeks but I wanted to get away for a little bit before then so my friend and I booked this! Aww yeah! :D

I wonder where we’ll go....

Had I mentioned I’m an extremely curious person?