I feel relieved and accomplished. These are the things I got:

For my mom, on behalf of my dad (he's paying me back), I got the super-hyped up Viktor & Rolf perfume, Flower Bomb. I just thought, well, might as well go big or go home. And to be honest, I love the smell. Plus I had $15 off at Sephora, so I guess that helped.

For my boyfriend, I already got him this beer set I posted about a while ago, but I bought him a neat sweater and an album on vinyl. I also plan to give him a jar of Lucky Charms marshmallows because he loves those.

For my little sister, although I bet she won't be really excited about it, I got that Deva Curl no-poo shampoo thing and their microfiber towel. Many of you suggested this brand a couple months ago when I asked about good curly hair products for her.

Anyway, all I have left is gifts for my coworkers and my dad (probably getting him tequila or something).


I'm so excited for all the gifts I've gotten/will get! I hope everyone likes them :)