I’ve been thinking about buying a car for a few years, but I had been trying to put it off till I graduate in May with my masters. However, after learning how much driving I’m going to be doing for my internship, I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it.

My 2001 mustang has been running rough for years, and it kills me on gas, so I decided to get a 2017 Prius. It’s amazing! Aside from the obvious benefit of getting at least 3x as many miles per gallon, it also runs so smooth, has space for backseat passengers, and has great trunk space! It’s also nice to have an air conditioner that actually works consistently.

The car buying experience was so much easier then I thought it would be, but we did end up spending 5 hours at the dealership. Most of that can be attributed to my dad chit chatting with people way too much, and the dealer having to go pickup the car I wanted from another dealership. The dealer worked with us to get us to a price I am more than comfortable with, and even the financing guy didn’t try too hard to push add ons. Who you work with really makes a huge difference. One thing that was funny was how surprised the sales manager was that I wanted a Prius. He said that most young people (I’m 27) don’t go for a Prius, and rather have something flashy over practical. I guess having a mustang for the last 10 years got that out of my system.

I was worried that I would have buyers remorse, but I’m actually so happy I went through with it. It’s going to be so nice to not have to be worrying about my car breaking down on me.