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Now waiting to come by a device that plays it.

Anyway, it's a Finnish movie called Juoppohullun päiväkirja. The elokuva (The diary of a drunk. The movie) and it's based on the first book in the series of the same name by Juha Vuorinen. And I have read most of the books (either in Estonian or Finnish) and I fucking loved it. I haven't reread it with my feminist cap on tho. Anyway, it's all about the booze, the secks, violence, drugs, and other profanities plus a lot of bodily fluids and probably excrement everywhere. I hope I will like the movie, too.


Just read a review by a blogger. She thinks the books are bad and the movie is worse and the Estonian subtitles are awful. But the first half should be enjoyable enough to watch. ...mmkay then. I mean in the trailer the main character gets asked 'where the fuck is the clitoris (located)?!' (word for word: 'where in the cunt is the clitoris?!' so it gets another layer of funny because of that turn of phrase in Finnish) and then he shows him on a wiener bun.

A trailer for your viewing pleasure. Probably NSFW. Could only find a Estonian subtitled one, but that's probably not going to help you at all...

(some of) the series is translated into Swedish and Norwegian as well, so if any of you read those languages.. oh, and the German version will be published this year. Swedish title Dilledagboken; other English title Gloriously Wasted; Norwegian title En finsk fyllefants dagbok.

ETA: oh! when he's in the bath with the beer cans I could spy some Estonian beer cans as well. not that you'd care..

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