And OMG I love it! Aquafit is about a million times better now that I don't have black eyes and sore boobs afterwards. Even for just swimming, I feel less exposed and more streamlined and like a badass mermaid in the water* and I can wear two of my old swimsuits that I couldn't wear before without blushing!

Seriously, I've been searching for supportive swimsuits with built-in bras for months. I've been buying them online (I'm the lucky possessor of both big boobs and a big band size, so no in-person trying stuff on for me) and sending them back because each one sucked in its own new and exciting way. Now I can buy whatever cute bathing suit I want and not have to worry about what my boobs are doing!

I this calls for some bathing beauties to celebrate!


*Full disclosure, I look more like a manatee. But I'm cool with that, manatees are fucking awesome!