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I bought beautiful yarn last week and I have to share, plus a question

So last week I went on a work-related trip so I was spending some quality time with myself. Once I landed at my destination, made my way to the hotel, and checked in, I decided to not do any work prior to getting some food. So, I noticed across the street from my hotel there was a little yarn shop. I don't tend to frequent yarn shops (or LYS, or Local Yarn Store/Shops as many in the "know" tend to refer to them) because I find them to be hoity toity and dismissive of budget concerns. Actually that's just mostly because I had a bad experience in one in Chicago where I couldn't get anyone to fucking help me so I stood around awkwardly for like 10 minutes before peacing out. But I am doing the Reddit yarn exchange and I wanted to ask about a nice yarn for a new mom who crochets, so she can make something for herself instead of the endless baby blankets, booties, and hats that she's been churning out. So I gathered up my nerve (I think it helped that I was hungry), and I walked in. It was a wonderful experience. The two employees were so nice, the shop was empty, and there was just so much luxurious yarn to fondle. They helped me pick out my exchange gift, then found out that I was a fully addicted sock knitter, so they guided me over to their fingering selection.

I spent more money than I should have. But... this yarn is beautiful. I waited to finish my previous project using another new-to-me yarn (KnitPicks Felici in the Shamrock colorway which is being discontinued, and I don't know how to feel about it), then cast on last night. You guys, this yarn is beautiful. It's so soft. It has cashmere in it. I want to cuddle my WIP.


So what I'm asking, really, is... is this yarn going to ruin me for my old standby favorite Paton's Kroy? I love Kroy. It's my workhorse. It comes in all kinds of stripes. Please tell me I can still use my favorite $6 a ball Kroy. Please. I don't want to go back to the mean ladies at the closer-to-me shop and deal with them just because I've now tasted luxury. Also, I would like to continue knitting socks at the same rate I have been (this pair is #6 in 2014, I have a goal of 14 but if I meet the goal early I'm definitely going to continue knitting socks because they're my favorite), and if I pay as much as I did for this skein (I'm not even going to say, like I said, I spent more than I should have), it's going to take a real bite out of my discretionary spending money every month. In fact, I know I can't afford to buy, say, a skein of this type of yarn every month. Knitters and crocheters, what say you?

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