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I bought new bras!

30DD? Ridiculous, I say. Ridiculous.

After BlueJean's post yesterday I went down the boobie rabbit hole and arrived at the absurd size of 28FF. While I didn't think that was right I suddenly became aware of how poorly my bra was fitting. Today all I could think about was how it was floating on my torso and not cocooning my boobs like all the pictures of strangers's boobs I saw on the internets.


So, off to Nordstrom I went on a whim! (They're having a sale, btw. You're welcome). The old lady I was expecting to measure me was actually a young woman who is my boob twin. Go figure. Now only $60 later I have two bras that actually encase my boobs and it's totally weird. The side of my boob is in. a. bra.

My tits look amazing.

34B -> 30DD. Cray-cray. Do it. Seriously. Didn't you see that there's a sale? What are you waiting for?


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