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I Braved Midtown Shopping Zombie Hell...

...and it defeated me. The hordes of shuffling package-carriers, the heat, the resultant sweatsplosion.

Seriously, why is it so hot? The department stores were like saunas because the heat was on in anticipation of December weather, which SIXTY FIVE DEGREES AT NIGHT IS NOT.

So now I'm home with all the windows open, the fans on, and a cold cold Heinie that I bought downstairs all trying to cool me off.


As I was retreating to the subway home a panhandling guy said "Hey, you look like that actor, John C. Reilly!" and I said "Huh, I usually get Tom Hanks" and he was like "Naw man, the hair, THE HAIR."

Yeah, the sweating and humidity had reduced my never-neat coif to a tangled Reillyesque bird's nest. Dude was right.

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