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I broke my leg

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I'm at the hospital waiting for surgery. I was driving straight on my vespa when someone turned left in the opposite direction. I slammed on my brakes and fell over. Idk if they hit me but they drove off so this is a hit and run. I broke my tibia and fibula (sp?)


This has been a terrifying day. Idk if my bike is okay its at the police station. Luckily I was near a fire station and a hospital and someone happened to be near who was a medic before the ambulance came. I had a panic attack and migraine was triggered. Thankfully I'll be okay but my leg might never be the same =(

Also the doctors are cute as heck and there might be celebrities in this hospital. I'm on some pain meds.

ETA: thank you all for the support especially you socallers that offered to be here. You are all great. I am still waiting for surgery. My aunt has been with me so I have some support. And it's been nice killing the boredom while I wait for an or to open up

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