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I Built A Thing! (Pics Below)

Specifically, an IKEA Brusali for my shoes! I was looking for something like this in the 'real' furniture stores but I couldn't find anything in the size and shape I wanted. Suck it, everyone else! IKEA rules! I bought it today, sat on my floor and put this sucker together with my own two dainty lady hands.

Sadly, not kidding about dainty hands. I'm developing blisters over this stupid thing. But it was worth it because I unfucked my shoe situation!


The Floordrobe was real y'all:

LOOK WHAT I HAVE CREATED!!! (Well, put together following pictograms):


Look at my shoes all snuggled up and happy (I need new sandals. I'm gonna get some of those things keep your boot's shape and make them stand up so they won't be so floppy and saggy down there):


Look at that formerly fucked up corner now:


I'm having a bit of scotch and frying up some sausages now because why the hell not? I just built a thing to unfuck a mess in my room. I am Unfucking My Habitat one day at a time. Drinks all around!


(Sorry the pictures are massive. I posted from my phone and I have no idea how to make them smaller.)

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