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I called the police and feel really yucky about it. TW: Child abuse

So, I was in our front room and saw a group of teens crossing the street beside our house. I first noticed the two boys, and was like "Ugh! They should be in school." Then, I noticed the girl walking behind them with two kids in tow.

She straight slammed the little boy (approximately five years old) in the back of his head while halfway across the street - so hard the he fell face first into the street and I could hear him crying from inside and could see that he had a gash in his forehead from where I was. Then she proceeded to grab the little girl (approximately 2-3 years old) by one arm, lift her up about a foot off the ground and walk her across the street that way.


This shit makes my blood boil. Yet, I still felt horrible calling the police, as though it really isn't my place. But, I think the thing that set me over the edge was that this girl, most likely the mother of the two kids, was clearly at least 6 months pregnant.

So yucky all around.

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