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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Keeps getting worse.

I came to stay with a friend last Thursday after the big blow up. On Sunday I got email notifications that someone had signed in and had changed the password on my Facebook account.

Then my husband starts sending my screenshots of conversations I had with friends about what’s going on and he was taunting me about Not being able to keep him out. That scared the shit out of me because I this is not who I thought I’d married ten years ago. He told me to tell the truth or he’d tell the truth about me, whatever that means.


I now have a new number, one he doesn’t know, and all my shit is locked down. But it was such a violation and my friend basically had to sit up with me until 4am because I was visibly shaking.

This is fucking horrific and I don’t know what’s happening. Still with my friend.

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