My coworker has a high opinion of himself. He brags a lot, but what irritates me the most is his conversation skills. He seems to think that everyone hangs on every word he says, and he constantly interrupts and hijacks conversations. An example: I was explaining a payroll rule to a couple of employees (payroll = my job) and he happened to be sitting there too, so he interrupted me mid-word and started giving them the wrong explanation. Dude almost got drop kicked.

So today I was in my office with our other coworker and rude dude walked in. I was working on a report I had to finish by noon so I wasn't listening at all when rude dude and other coworker started talking. During a lull in their convo I asked rude dude a question I had meant to ask him earlier.

He answered, then laughed and said, "Wow, typical female behavior. I just told that to (other coworker). Y'all don't listen."


I said, "What, am I supposed to listen to every word that comes out of your mouth even when you're not even talking to me? I got shit to do, dude."


"DAMN," he said. "Why you gotta talk like that, I already get enough of that kinda talk from my wife."

"That's how I talk. 'Typical female behavior', fuuuuck that."

Then he bounced. I feel bad for his wife.

Other coworker is a cool guy, though. We were talking about guys who get insecure when their significant others make more money than they do and my coworker said, "I don't get that. My girlfriend is about to make more money than I do and I'm like, hell yeah, more Christmas presents for me!"