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i can haz apartment?

Guys, I think I found a place! Thanks everybody who has been listening to my saga. :) But, why do I still feel like I am being swindled? I do not trust this broker, and I’m not sure why.

Actually, I do know why. He called me to say that the landlord wanted to do a six month lease with the option to renew. I was like uh.... fine. I’m a great tenant. And then I wrote him an email saying, so just to reiterate, I would prefer a 1 year lease but if that is not the case, the six month lease will include the option to renew at the same price and the broker’s fee will apply to the six months lease. His response was, oh I talked to the landlord you can have the one year lease.

Shady! or not shady? I mean other people were viewing the apartment, the apartment definitely was there as I saw it. And it’s my absolute perfect place, a block away from the train I need, in the neighborhood I want, and a full one bedroom in my price range. Why do I feel like I might be being taken for a ride?


Is this just my natural distrust of humans??

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