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So, for those of you who recall my anxiety-filled post a little over a week ago about a cute girl who messaged me on okcupid - a little update. We went on a date today! But, I think it was kind of a bust.

What I liked about her via our email communications was how extroverted she seemed and how active and upbeat. She seemed to have a lot of friends and was involved in a lot of things. I worried that my introverted hermit workaholic life would be a huge downer for her.

But when we met, she just seemed so depressed. I’m a shrink, so I mean that kind of diagnostically.


There were some awkward pauses during our date - but it went okay. At the end, we went our separate ways without exchanging numbers or talking about getting together again.

It’s a little sad, I guess. I have dated depressed people in the past - and it’s not something I’m eager to do again.

But also, SHE was apparently not all that into ME! And I was ON FIRE! :) Sad. I was kind of hoping just for a nice, fun dating relationship for a bit. I may thus have to be a little more active about dating other people (ye gads, does that not sound like fun at all - meeting people and first dates SUCK!!!!).

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