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I can haz friends?

First off, WHOA Kinja changed. Certainly been a while since I've been around. Let's hope I do this whole posting thing correctly.

Second, hey everyone. I know I'm not around as much but I was hoping it would be alright if I, erhm, came back? Everything's fine! No mental breakdowns or anything, just lonely.

I finished school, which is awesome! I'm certainly proud of myself. And I'm going back in the fall to take more science classes so I can do the whole pre-med thing.


But for now, I'm working. At Victoria's Secret, and it's fine. I like it enough, my coworkers and managers are nice. I've never worked retail and to be honest I didn't expect it to be so stressful, but I think I'm holding up okay. It's a seasonal position so I'll be done in a month, maybe less, so I'm looking for another job. I'm pretty confident I'll find something, I doubt it'll be my dream job but I'm sure I'll be able to find a receptionist position or something. I'm going back to school anyway so I'm not looking for a lifelong career, just something to help me pay my bills and all. I'm lucky enough to be able to live at home rent free, with a mom who helps as much as she can, but I want to be able to help her out, too.

I'm still in therapy and it's going well. Still on every other week and it's good. I definitely have a much better handle on my anxiety than I did even six months ago. My driving has improved a lot, though it's still not great. I haven't tried driving in the snow yet and to be honest I'm a little nervous to, but I gotta do it eventually, right?

I'm mostly just bored and lonely. My boyfriend works 10 hour days 6 days a week, so I barely see him. He's busting his ass at this job and he's doing really well, and I see how hard he's working and I'm insanely proud of him. I just miss him a lot. And when he's off, I have work, so it sucks.

My best friend and I basically don't speak anymore. We got into an argument on Halloween, which really was just a misunderstanding, and I thought we cleared it all up but now we barely speak. I've tried to reach out and mend things to no avail, so that's that, I guess. My other close friend is in Texas. We talk almost every night, via phone or skype, but I still wish she was here so we could get all dolled up and go out and wreak havoc. I miss her, too. All my other close friends and I have really conflicting schedules, so I basically don't see anyone. I go to work, I come home and watch stuff on Netflix. Text with the boy or my friends, and just lie around. And what makes it harder is since I barely go out, when I do go out, it throws my mom off and she gets all...weird about it and argues with me, which makes it difficult when I actually can go out and see my friends or boyfriend. At the risk of sounding like a bratty kid, I am 23 years old. I have no problem whatsoever telling my mom where I'm going and with who, and texting her when I get there/when I'm leaving/if I'm staying out (especially if I'm borrowing her car, which I know is just her being incredibly kind). It's just courteous of me, I do live in her apartment. I just wish it wasn't such a production anytime I try to go anywhere. And it's not like I'm doing anything interesting with people she doesn't know. Basically all of my friends are women who she's known for years, and there's my boyfriend who she also knows, and if I'm "out" it's either at someone's house or at a bar with my chick friends. So it's just...*sigh.


I just miss my friends and the boy. I know this is essentially part of adulthood and all, but it's still shitty. So I apologize if I'm intruding, I know I haven't been on GT much at all lately, but I would really like some company, if that's okay. And maybe suggestions so I don't go completely stir crazy.

And please, while you're at it, tell me how you are! I do miss you guys an insane amount, and I want to hear how everyone is doing!

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