I can totally not-care. I've done it so well so far. But this is really hard, you guys. I just watched all of Game of Thrones for the second time, so I noticed more than I could on the first viewing. And now I am HBO-less and the rest of the world is talking about what comes next and I have no way of seeing it without stealing it somehow, and I do not approve of pirating movies & tv. So now I get to not-care for the next 8-10 months until it's all on DVD.

I don't think I'm gonna last.

I'm pretty sure I'm a day away from asking my FB friends who has an HBOGo password I can "borrow." And no one wants to be That Guy.

ETA: I am so That Guy. I didn't FB it, but I asked my tv-buddy who has HBO and she gave me hers. I did not know she had it herself; last we talked, she was using some distant relative-in-another-state's Go password thingy. So this has turned into the best night after all!! I had to promise to use it to watch The Wire, so we can talk about that, too. I've seen most of it, except for the elusive Season 5. Can't wait!