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This post will have spoilers so if you haven’t seen The Good Place finale then turn away now. :)

So first off, I love that they actually made it to the good place and we got to see them there. I was expecting it to end right when they arrived, so I’m glad it didn’t.


When they introduced the end door, I assumed it’d be a reincarnation thing. And when it ended with Michael telling that guy “Keep it sleazy” I couldn’t tell if that was supposed to be a reincarnated cockroach. But it’s not. I looked it up and Michael Schur said this about the end door

That idea — that paradise is only paradise if it doesn’t last forever — has been central to the final episodes and to religious writings for eons before that, Schur noted. “It’s sort of an inescapable conclusion,” he said. “It doesn’t matter how great things are, if they go on forever they will get boring.”

So they die for good. I don’t even disagree with this logic, but…

Did the last two episodes feel rushed to anyone else? JK Rowling once said she wrote the last chapter of Harry Potter and promised herself she’d never edit it. Clearly foreshadowing her poor judgment since the last chapter of HP was fucking weird and terrible. But that’s how the last two episodes of TGP felt. Like they wrote it a while ago and just didn’t want to touch it again. For whatever ~creative~ reason why.


Jason’s exit was too anti-climactic (even though I know he really leaves later). Janet gives that speech about not experiencing time like anyone else, but plenty of times she’s felt sadness about Jason and struggled to save him. But when he tells her he wants to go she doesn’t react much.

Not that I wanted Tahani to die, but her being left made no sense and it threw off the balance of the story. Was there a reason her staying was right? Maybe I missed a detail? I know she designs a world for Mindy, but I don’t see why she was “perfect” for that.


Eleanor breaking down when she asked Chidi not to leave actually made me cry. Also it makes no sense why Chidi would leave her! He was the one most excited for soul mates and studying philosophy forever.

And I understand they all had thousands of years together in paradise, but I didn’t FEEL that. I’m unsure how you could flesh that out enough so that a viewer could feel it. So imo we didn’t need to see them die. We could have just left them happy with the knowledge that some day they’ll choose the door. Basically idk what to make of the ending. I don’t feel as satisfied as I thought. I just feel sad.


I’m curious what you guy think! Did you love it, hate it, feel meh about it?? Do you wish there was a different ending and if so what would you write? 

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