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I Cannot Believe Kids Are Still Playing This Fatal Game (Choking Game) tw death

I thought this trend ended in late 80s to early 90s. Nope its still around.







Please tell your child not to even think of playing the choking game. I remember in the late 80s or early 90s Tom Bergeron host of Boston’s People Are Talking had a dad whose son who died from this game. That should have jolted enough people to see an end to it. I still recall this father he had a look of utter anger and anguish.


Well the game never really left. I suggest showing this article to your children to show how fatal and easily fatal it is. The heartwrench the mother went through is something no mother or father should ever go through. It’s needless heartache as well as a needless end of life.

I also don’t understand how teens do not know this is easily fatal. You would think a rope around ones neck and dangling from a beam is something they would know is dangerously fatal.

Yes that Tom Bergeron from Dancing With The Stars he was a hella good talk show host. I used to watch People Are Talking from High School through college when I was home during college and in college between classes or home. I was sad when it ended. I am still sad the Good Day show ended which was also in Boston. One day I will post about these two great shows.

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