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I cannot get another dog. I cannot get another dog. I cannot get another dog.

Our local hardware store was hosting an adoption day for the local animal rescue league today. I walked by and - of course! - the woman in front of the door was holding the most adorable Boston Terrier. He was three years old and started licking my face immediately. Oh my god. It was the hardest thing to walk away from him. He was so incredibly sweet. But two dogs (when you have no yard) are a lot of work, and it would break Logan's heart. He was so unhappy when we got Bacon, so distressed. I can't make him share us with another dog. But it was so very very hard. All I can do is tell myself that he will find a great home, being so cute and so sweet and a purebred. He'll be snatched up in no time. I hope he finds a great home....


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