It is actually blowing my mind that every single comment is calling this guy a monster for kicking his cat away from his baby.

Yes, one should not kick their pets. Ideally you need to have a system in place to reward good behavior and punish bad behavior without physical punishment. Plenty of people seem to recommend the squirt bottle, that sounds effective.

But when a 22lb cat is clawing your infant's face and trying to bite, the immediate instinct and right thing to do is to get it away from the infant instantly. Not "oh let me try to gently shoo him away while his claws are in my child's flesh" or "oh damn, where did I put the spray bottle? Is it in the kitchen? Better go grab it!" But IMMEDIATELY SEPARATE. It's parenting instinct to protect your baby. The article also doesn't say he punted the cat across three rooms, just kicked it away from his, ya know, defenseless infant.

As far as keeping them separated, perhaps they usually do but the cat has previously been gentle and both parents are in the room so they weren't exactly expecting an attack.

I just...what. The comments are making my brain spin.