The ManChild! I made the Engagement chicken, except I rubbed it with bacon butter, because, duh. Put it under the broiler and got it looking perfect, with the skin all nice and crispy. Now, I don't care what anyone says, but chicken skin when crispy is a gift from God. I feel like some one mentioned that the other day on here actually, but I'm not sure?

Anyway, after the chicken was done he carved it up to serve and THREW THE SKIN AWAY! Who does that? Why would any good and decent human throw away such a delicious snack? He said something about him not liking skin and why didn't I cut if off before I cooked it?! I'm already mad that they came home a day early, and now he does this. I want to stab him with my fork. I was having such a delightful day, and he double ruined it.

Just as an aside, the ManChild is my roommate's fiancé, and therefore, the roommate. He is far too stupid and ogreish for me.