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Welcome To The Bitchery

I cannot stand Lara Spenser

I can't stand her. My mother loves her but admits Flea Market Find is fake. Seriously these buyers seem so fake sorry people go to fleamarkets for bargains or quality items cheap not to overspend hundreds on repurposed furniture most of which no selfrespecting consignment store would take. She also has a tendency on GMA to scream when she talks. I don't know why GMA execs allow her to do FMF, GMA loses what little credibility as a news show it has to let a cohost host an utterly fake gameshow. Why doesn't NBC or CNN or anyone investigate this show?

Also I want to scream whenever she praises some repurposed piece of furniture that looks like utter garbage that no selfrespecting fleamarket buyer would buy let alone look at. The vast majority does look like utter garbage.


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