I need to rant even though it's going to hurt. No, literally, my hand hurts. But, fuck, I have to type and use my hand all day at work anyway so whatever, right?

I made that post about all my pains a little while ago. I never did end up seeing a doctor about it, because my back liked the second yoga class I went to and was all "k, I'm better," and I found an exercise for my Achilles tendons and now that's getting better, I've even been sleeping on my bad shoulder side, so I'm like, ok, whatever, maybe it really is all a bunch of unrelated crap. I haven't had a nightmare knee pain episode in about 6 weeks (knock on wood), which is the longest ever. Ya? Yay.

So, about a month ago I tweaked my thumb at Warrior Dash. A couple days later I had to use a tool at work with a serious WD-40 deficiency and it felt like someone was driving a spike into my palm. I found a better one and the problem went away, and the whole thing better in a few days. I've been making an effort to go rock climbing more, and leveled up in a big way. My hands have been hurting while I'm doing it, but I kind of expected that. Then, Saturday, my right hand just didn't stop hurting. It hurt to use the mouse, to type, everything. Also, my cat has been sitting on my hand while I use the mouse for the past few months, so I think that's part of it. I've been contorting around her.

I can't use a touchscreen. I tried using my left hand and now my left hand hurts too. WHAT THE FUCK. I go to figure drawing drop in sessions and I had to leave, the pain was driving me to near tears.

And I woke up with a sore throat today, so just fuck all the things.

I think it's de Quervain's tenosynovitis. Carpal tunnel doesn't fit. I have a splint on and it's helping a little, but work is going to suck. I have a week off at Thanksgiving during which I can't type or use a touchscreen or play video games or draw or craft or rock climb and I can only read and watch tv and ride a stationary bike so much. How do you rest YOUR DOMINANT HAND?! And what is with the left? It just hurts a little, but really, no need to catch up here, left hand. And I'd rather the cause be mouse use than rock climbing after two weeks of climbing harder, because REALLY?! If it's only the right I can say it's the mouse, but the left.... it's trying to play Candy Crush left handed, yeah, that's it.


I have a doctor's appointment next Tuesday and I want my steroid injection then and there, but I know she's going to say splint and rest it first.

Now I'm late for work, but oh well. The job where I use my hands, late for that one. FUUUUUUUCK.