Things i can't deal with today

1. Dog abortion*

2. New kinja

3. The 2 "A new Kinja experience is coming soon" bars on the top and bottom of the page?

4. I'm pretty sure my doctor thinks i'm addicted to my pain medicine because i refilled it TWO DAYS EARLY because it was a weekend, and i was running out on Saturday- i knew i wouldn't be able to get it until Monday and i didn't want to go one day without it so i called on a Friday. She gave me 30 less pills for this month and now i'm out & miserable and Aleve is actual bullshit when you have chronic pain. I was too afraid to ask her for more because one 50mg pill is not cutting it after 1 year of taking the medicine, i have a tolerance. And now this happened and i feel like she doesn't trust me and it makes me really fucking upset! And Aleve says you're only allowed to take up to 3 in 24 hours... yeah... that literally does absolutely nothing for my pain.

* Today my customer was telling us about how her and her husband used to have a dog that kept getting pregnant. She said they would tie the dog out back and she got pregnant twice, when they went to get her spayed she was pregnant again for a third time and they had her spayed while pregnant with 8 puppies. I'm sorry but.... WHAT. THE. WHAT. Like maybe after the first two times you should have gotten her spayed immediately.. or stop tying her outside all day?