But I think Kris Humphries MIGHT be getting a bad break here. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, Kris apparently tweeted during Bruce Jenner’s interview “Glad I got out of there when I did. #Gottadoyou.” Many people have taken this to mean he’s glad he got away from Bruce because he’s transitioning.

I’m not so sure, especially with the #gottadoyou at the end. I think he could equally possibly be saying he’s glad he got out of the media circus when he did, or just that he’s glad he doesn’t have to be around them as this goes down. IF that’s the case then quite frankly I don’t blame him; I wouldn’t want to be there either, because I’m 100% sure there will be tons of completely unnecessary drama.

That being said, he’s a dummy and I’m not all that invested so feel free to tell me I’m wrong.

ETA: Clearly, I was wrong. I didn’t know really anything about him before this outside of what various articles said this morning.