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I Can't Believe There's A Single Person Who Doesn't Like Me!

Ever had this experience, of suddenly realizing, after years and years of knowing someone, that they don’t like you?

This recently happened to me with a woman I’ve known for almost 20 years. When our kids were growing up, their schools and sports teams and activities had a lot of overlap so we spent many, many hours together over the years as team moms and school volunteers and field-trip chaperones and blah blah. We also have friends in common and have seen each other at social events, and we worked in the same office (although not the same department) for several years. So anyhoo, now that our kids are grown I hadn’t run in to her for a year or two until last week, when we saw each other at a very crowded community meeting. I was all “Oh how great to see you!” enthusiastic and whatever, and she was . . . cordial. Ooooookaaaaay. We ended up sitting next to each other and I tried to be, like, normally social and interactive, and she was . . . cordial. I knew her oldest kid had recently gotten married and asked how it went (“Everything was very nice”) and did she have a couple of pictures (“Oh, uh, I haven’t really organized them on my phone”) but I eventually stopped trying to carry the conversation.


So after the meeting was over we said “Bye” and she bee-lined out, and on the way to my car I saw her chatting animatedly with 2 other people, laughing and looking at something on her phone and it just hit me - this woman does not like me. I had to laugh at myself for never realizing it before. I felt equal parts admiration for her for hiding it so well all this time, impatience with myself for just, you know, assuming people like me, and indignation because HOW CAN SOMEONE NOT LIKE ME WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS BITCH.

It was so weird but also entertaining. Now I feel like any time I run in to her around town I want to force some sort of interaction just for my own amusement. (I’m a bad person.) (Which is probably why she doesn’t like me!!!!!)

BTW, obviously I’m super cool and there’s something wrong with her.

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