You guys. My home county (and several others) in SE Wisconsin is under a State of Emergency due to flooding.

Husband and Oldest are there, my mom and stepdad are there, Almost-MIL and -BIL are there... there’s no power at all in the area, my mom’s basement is getting flooded, Husband’s (extremely old) building has water up to the door...

Other-Husband and I were supposed to go up tomorrow, but the Fox River hasn’t even crested yet and there’s more storms coming. I asked my friend who’s a fireman in my old town if there’s any safe way into town because I want to go help my mom and he texted back, “No. Stay there.”

They’re starting evacuations of people who live along the Fox and White rivers. Nearly all the county roads are closed, and several of the highways. Every route I would take to get home is flooded.

I’m stressing out because I want to DO something but there’s nothing I can do except hope the next storm doesn’t dump too much more rain on them all. So many people are getting flooded out...


My stepdad is 80 and in poor health after a stroke, and I’m really afraid he’s going to insist on moving stuff out of their basement because he is stubborn like that. Husband is going to walk (wade :/ ) over to check on them in the morning. He can’t get the car out of the garage.

I just heard thunder... here comes the next round, I guess... We’re ok where we are, but low-lying areas are flooding down here, too.