My posts won't show on Jez so maybe someone else can pass this along.

I don't feel this is as much of a fake or manufactured outrage as some of the commenters are making it out to be. Are there more important things out there that women and allies of women can be worried about? Sure. But I don't see where it's wrong to call things out like this when we see them. I don't know why people are trying to come up with other meaning for this or alternate theories. Let's use Occum's Razor here. This is most likely exactly how it looks.

I know it's not as major as say the war against women's healthcare or equal pay, it is still important. We can use the power of social media to make people realize how their actions hurt others and try to fight back the culture of misogyny that led to people like Elliot Rodgers. A license plate is one drop in the pool. But when enough drops hit it causes ripples which become waves that make change. I see nothing wrong with that. So let's cut the MP some slack here.