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I can't bring myself to go to work

I am the master of excuses, and I haven't been able to get out of bed and go to work all week. Even with the long weekend. I sleep until 10, apply to jobs until 2, and then watch criminal minds until my boyfriend feeds me. It's a dangerous cycle to get into, because it's ADDICTIVE.

I think part of it is that I have a hard set date for leaving the company, so it's not like they're gonna fire me. And they are being really flexible with me, knowing that I'm interviewing elsewhere during the weeks leading up to my end date. So I'm being incredibly lazy and unmotivated and taking full advantage of that flexibility.

But I know things that are my job are being neglected, and I kind of feel bad but also kind of don't care.


On that note - who wants to hire me? I'm super good at anything I do, I swear, it's just a phase for me right now.

I also painted my nails black because I've decided I didn't get the position in the super professional place so I'm part mourning that and part rebelling against the idea that black doesn't count as profesh girly nails. Because I'm girly as fuck with my black nails.

This has been a pointless ramble, thank you for reading.

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