I'm watching Season 1 of The West Wing while I browse wedding venues in Australia and eat sourdough toast.

It is the episode where the President is quizzing the staff during poker and says "There are three words in the English language that begin with the letters 'dw'. What are they?" Which is a part I think about nearly every day at work, because we carry a magazine called "dwell".

My two closest friends haven't really been around much lately, and I'm trying to be understanding but there are so many things I'd like to share and I don't feel comfortable reaching out to either one of them. One of them lives in Australia and would be a great help, but she has made herself really inaccessible to me in the last few weeks and I don't know what to do. The other one is not really the wedding type, and I am 100% positive she wouldn't be interested in anything wedding-related. Unless it was her wedding.

And I really want to talk to someone about wedding stuff now. I didn't think I would want to but I do.