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I can't decide whether I'm outraged or sad

My distant relative posted this status on Facebook yesterday:

Now, this made me very sad. It's a horrifying nightmare and I can't imagine what kind of stress this is for her and her family. I don't really know her - she is an older, distant cousin, but she friended me so there we are.


If you scroll down her comments, half of them (including her) are "thanks Obama"-ing this. As if Obamacare cause the insurance company to act like assholes. I know that this woman in particular is your standard rural, poor Republican, who votes against her own interests. But the wrong information is astounding - this is EXACTLY the thing healthcare reform is seeking to eliminate. I don't know what her condition is, but before Obamacare, they could have just dropped her altogether when she got diagnosed.

God will fix this, Obama will ruin it. I really hope she gets this straightened out, but it makes me fear for our next election cycles.

If people won't believe truth, I don't know how to help them.

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