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So, I haven't seen any posts about this show, which is a little surprising since GT generally likes Rebel Wilson. I've watched it since it started, and I can't make up my mind on it. It seems like it's on the verge of cancellation, and I almost hope that it's allowed to grow into itself more, because I see the makings of what could be a great show. Let's make a pro and con list and see if you can help me decide:


- The protagonist and her friends are very likable. I was pretty excited that Rebel Wilson and Liza Lapira were in this together. I've had a girl crush on Wilson for a while, and I've loved Liza Lapira since her awesome character in Dollhouse.


- The neighbor guys are equally awkward and weird as the main trio, but they are not being played up as romantic pairings for the girls.

- There have been some fantastic guest stars, including Brooke Shields, Molly Shannon, Alexis Knapp, Key (from Key and Peele), Adam DeVine, Rob Huebel, Anna Camp, and Jenny Slate.

- I believe the writers are trying to show that Kimmie's moderately attractive love interest in the show is attainable, despite her size, which alone is admirable in a show, but there are other reasons this is also a con.

- It is very funny at times. I especially like the jokes about the trio's social awkwardness.


- The songs are awesome, and they have a Queen song as the show's opening theme.


- I hate, hate, hate that Wilson's size is the butt of so many jokes. She seems to have even written a lot of those, which is pretty sad.


- Despite being a show with a fat protagonist, the show propagates the same tired stereotypes of fat people every other show on television does (e.g. fat people can't control their eating, they are sexless virgins, nobody could ever find them attractive, etc).

- There are also many stereotypes about women being played up in the show. Kimmie and her friends are almost walking stereotypes (Helen Alice is the meek Asian girl, Marika is the lesbian gym teacher, and Kimmie is the fat virgin). It's also mind-boggling that they can portray the awesomely-heartwarming friendship of the 3 main girls, while also making all the other women in the show "bitchy" and "catty."


I'm just so torn, you guys. I want to like this show so much, but it keeps coming up short. I really hope ABC lets it live a little longer to see if it can grow into its own. It happened with Parks and Rec (the first season was a huge bust), maybe it can happen here, too.

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