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Welcome To The Bitchery

I stalked my last boyfriends facebook page. I really haven't thought about him much for a long time (pre-occupied by others)...And for me, I feel that I really am over him...

but one of the reasons I 'let him go' was that he told me he didn't think he'd ever want children or if he did...maybe adopt? I was 38 at the time, he was 40. I was unemployed in one of the hardest hit professions of the Great Recession, he'd just landed a dream job across the country. I really really liked him but we'd both admitted we weren't head over heels in love... Really. I mean, if he'd not had this other ambition and the economoy had been different, who knows? But I would have been pretty content. Settled down. Maybe just had a nice dog or two.


However today I found out he's just had his second child with his wife, the woman he started dating within weeks of moving across country for his new job. The new job that was going to take him across the country that I knew I was never going to want to make the effort to cross to see him....

TL;DR: My exboyfriend of five years ago just had his second child with his wife (whome he met after me)...I haven't even really been on a date or even kissed a boy since we broke up. I wasn't even that heartbroken over him (somebody else, yes) but jeeebus... I'm kinda depressed anyway. (It would of course totally help if I had someone in my life to snuggle with!)

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