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A friend on FB shared this, and I rolled my eyes so hard they went back in time (my prescription is now too strong).

Like, okay, I understand the modern day argument that schools should be teaching practical skills, but I personally think that's rubbish. Everyone is in such a hurry to get kids out of Pampers and into jobs these days, even though today's kids will live 10-20 years longer than their parents, and in the end you get college kids who thought the Great Depression was "that thing with Enron" (true story).


The reason you teach kids fundamental pieces of knowledge like the Pythagorean theorem is not because they're going to use it every day in their lives, but because teaching a child both the "how" and the "why" something is so gives them the tools to enquire about the physical and social worlds in a positive and holistic manner. You teach children about art and music and sport when they're young to allow them to develop personal styles of critical thinking, and it's no wonder that children who are exposed to more "stuff" (i.e. diverse experiences) both at home and in the classroom do better in school than those who don't (or, more likely, can't).

Why is it up to schools to teach a high school kid how to do taxes, and vote, and buy a car or house? These are things that communities, local and national government, parents, and general life experiences should be teaching, and if young adults are complaining that they don't know those things, it doesn't automatically make it okay to blame schools. If you're still posting shit about how "high school was so lame" five years after graduating, maybe it's time to stop?

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