I'm sorry, Phoenix.

I'm in this training my boss sent me to in Phoenix, right. But fuuuck, this suuuucks. I wanna go hooome I miss my cats and my boyfriend and I can't sleep because I drink too much and I have no alcohol here I'm almost out of cigarettes and my lighter died WaAAAAAH WAAAH.


This stupid hotel room has one billion ESPN channels.

What the fuck is the Home Run Derby? I thought derby was horses? Is this baseball? Are they going to play ever or just hit balls as far as they can into the crowd? WTF is interesting about this?


And what the fuck is this Fox News Zimmerman circle jerk? Why do they have like, twenty different people on with the same opinion?

Huckabee: "What do you think, civil rights lady?"
Civil Rights Lady: "I agree with you, Mike!"
Huckabee: "How 'bout you, civil rights guy? What do you think?"
Civil Rights Guy: "I totally agree with you too, Mike!"

(I don't have a TV so I am never exposed to this kind of shit, unless I feel like hate-reading online.)

Was CNN always this bad? Why did I hear a reporter say "supposably" on CNBC? What is this horrible thing that MTV has become (Girl Code?!)? Were Axe commercials always this bad or am I just not used to seeing them, anymore?


I think I am experiencing TV culture shock, or something.

I am so tired.