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I can't math anymore

Guys I used to be good at math. I'm taking college algebra online and I thought it'd just be review because I took this class in high school. And I've taken trig! This'll be a breeze! WRONG. I seriously look at this stuff and it does not compute. Logarithmic crap and all that. I don't understand. Brain not working. Got older and I can't brain anymore. Medication for seizures makes me dumb too. I have to take a test on Thursday! I also have a test in Anatomy! So much stress!

Also, fuck online classes, at least for math. There is no teaching in this class! You have to look at the book and figure it out! Why are they paying an instructor? HE DOES NOT INSTRUCT.


I hate this because at one point I was going to go to school for math because I was so good at it! Now I just look at it and see a bunch of crap.

School is really stressing me out this semester. I am ready for it to be over.

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