Y’all. It has been raining here forever. For like two weeks, just rain. Straight rain. Yesterday seemed like we might see a break, and it was crazy humid, and then more rain.

I know I’m spoiled. I know plenty of people need rain. I know some places are still experiencing winter weather (?!).

I’m going stir crazy. I want to go galavanting around town. No one will go with me!

To solidify my wallowing, I’ve been listening to both versions of this song and driving my SO crazy. If he won’t accompany me out of the house, I’m going to drive him crazy with musics.

I absolutely love this song. It was already so awesome and unique, and then Missy Elliott came and made it even more awesome (in my opinion). Listening to the original, it was just begging to be hip-hopped.

Anyone else weather-wallowing?