Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I can't wait to move.

I live around the corner from a liquor store where angry alcoholics tend to congregate. I've had a multitude of problems - dog's paw being cut by broken glass, drunk men following me down the street telling me they're going to beat my ass. Last night, a group of 2 men a woman were hanging out in front of the liquor store. One of them says as I pass, "I hate that girl." The woman says, "That's not her, that's some other little girl that you hate." Man responds, "Ah, ok, that one I hate don't have that badonkadonk like this one" and then proceeded to yell after me, "BADONKADONKADONKA BADOOOOOONKAAAAA" until I rounded the corner. FUCK THIS. I am moving in 2 weeks and I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT.


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